Friday, February 22, 2013

The sock saga

I have a big, clear zipper type baggie I keep in my bedroom.  It's the home of unmatched socks or as my youngest daughter called them - "lonely socks".  

Each and every time - well, not every time - I would wash whites I would haul the bag out and attempt to match up the lonely socks.  At times the bag was very full.  Other times I was successful and only a handful would remain.  Most of the socks belong to my children.  

I've done this for years.  Until now!  I'm starting a revolution!  I will no longer match children's socks.  Want to know why?  Because apparently teenagers no longer care about their socks matching.  It's become a fun thing to do - to wear mismatched socks.  (Kids these days!)  My husband and I are the only ones in the house concerned with matched socks.

The Revolution starts today!  All teenager/tween socks will go into a community basket where they can freely choose the socks of their choice.  Want to wear polka dot with the Christmas stripes?  Go for it!   The Valentine sock with a Halloween sock?  Oh you're so daring!

The good news for me?  I no longer have to be on a sock hunt!  Freedom at last!  A burden has been lifted.

Stop the madness!  Join the Revolution - stop matching socks!