Friday, February 22, 2013

The sock saga

I have a big, clear zipper type baggie I keep in my bedroom.  It's the home of unmatched socks or as my youngest daughter called them - "lonely socks".  

Each and every time - well, not every time - I would wash whites I would haul the bag out and attempt to match up the lonely socks.  At times the bag was very full.  Other times I was successful and only a handful would remain.  Most of the socks belong to my children.  

I've done this for years.  Until now!  I'm starting a revolution!  I will no longer match children's socks.  Want to know why?  Because apparently teenagers no longer care about their socks matching.  It's become a fun thing to do - to wear mismatched socks.  (Kids these days!)  My husband and I are the only ones in the house concerned with matched socks.

The Revolution starts today!  All teenager/tween socks will go into a community basket where they can freely choose the socks of their choice.  Want to wear polka dot with the Christmas stripes?  Go for it!   The Valentine sock with a Halloween sock?  Oh you're so daring!

The good news for me?  I no longer have to be on a sock hunt!  Freedom at last!  A burden has been lifted.

Stop the madness!  Join the Revolution - stop matching socks!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Field trip day!  Took my girls to the campus of Wheaton College.  There's a small museum there at the Wade Center that houses some pretty cool artifacts.  Well, if you're a reader you'll find them cool. 

First the wardrobe that inspired CS Lewis to write The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, then misc. artifacts about CS Lewis, next up his writing desk.  They also have JRR Tolkiens writing desk but I couldn't find a picture without people in it.

My girls had a great time visiting here.  They pointed out the coffee ring stains on both desks!  Or are they tea stains?  Probably sat sipping, thinking, writing.....

Next field trip - The Billy Graham Center!  

You can see the furs inside and reach in.... can you touch snow?

The sticker on the inside of the wardrobe.


CS Lewis' writing desk.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Getting crafty

We've been collecting a "slice" of our Christmas trees since 2001.  My plans had been to put a hook in the top of them and hang them on our tree each year.  Some are pretty heavy and would really pull the branches down.  We've gotten better at asking for a "slice" instead of a piece of stump over the years.  As you can see some are pretty thick!

Hubby put a coat of sealant on them so they wouldn't deteriorate so quickly.  Now, I'm wondering how to display them.  In a shadow box?  Put hangers on them and just hope for the best on the Christmas tree each year?

I'd love to hear some thoughts on what to do with them.