Monday, January 30, 2012

Me? On Girl Gab?

I'm gushing! Seriously, being on the front page of Girl Gab has me so excited! So excited, I decided to do a giveaway!

It's my first - so bear with me.

Last May, MaryJane, Meg and some others from the farm, came to the Macy's store in Lombard, IL. I was too shy to stay afterwards and chat with them and the other Farm Girls who showed up. MaryJane & Meg were so friendly and down to earth! I was happy to go and listen and learn!

Anyway, They gave away some really great things. Some of which I'm going to giveaway here.

A back issue of MaryJanes Farm magazine - April/May 2011, a nice little flyer with MJ & Megs picture on it and a pack of 3 chocolate bars. Dark, Beyond Dark and Darkest.

Leave me a comment here to be added to the drawing. For extra entries leave separate comments with your farm girl number and if you subscribe to my blog!

I'll be drawing a winner on Valentines Day!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


My kids bought me show shoes for Christmas. Our weather here in Chicagoland has been so goofy! Mostly it's been in the upper 30's-40 degree weather. Lots of rain too. But on a (though it seems) rare occasion - we get snow!

I was finally able to test drive my snowshoes and I'm in love! I walked up and down the block while my husband snowblowed the neighbors walkways. It was dark and late so I didn't want to venture too far away. Who was watching our 10 yo anyway? I can't wait to take them out to the woods. Watching the weather ever so closely these days. Hoping and praying for a snow storm.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Desperate for an adventure

Seems like I'm spending my life in the truck. Driving one child here or there, then the other. While I have them in the vehicle, I thought we'd take a quick drive.... to Resurrection Cemetery. I know, I know, why take your kids to the cemetery? For one, the history. You can learn quite a bit and spark some curiosity about local/national legends who have gone on. Two - you can letterbox, in good weather. Three - you can see this:

I am seriously craving some adventure. I don't know how long the cemetery deer will hold me for. The bald eagles have returned to Starved Rock - I see a road trip in my future!!!