Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ziplining, anyone?

Saturday, Sept. 24th was my 44th birthday. I went on an woman's retreat for the weekend and found myself signing my name to the ziplining schedule. Yes, me - who is terrified of heights, won't ride a roller coaster or anything else that could cause me to scream my head off!

Saturday at 1:00. Doomsday. I rode the van over to the zipline area. Climbed the stairs to the orientation room where we all strapped into our harnesses. Checked and rechecked. Given instructions. My heart was starting to race. We climbed the final set of stairs to get to the roof. My heart was really pounding now. 2 by 2 women climbed the final stairs to step up onto the platform and be attached to the line.

Can I do this? I was second guessing myself. I kept praying for the Lord to give me courage. I was next! I climbed up on the platform and it hit me just how high I was in the air. (gulp) No backing out now. The girl asked me if I'd like to test the line before I go. She helped me sit down in my harness and let the line hold my weight. Not so bad. Right?

One last prayer and I sat down and gently slid off the roof! I was zooming through the air - it was exhilarating! I LOVED IT! I did it 2 more times! (The stairs were the hardest part after that).

I need to challenge myself more often. I can't wait to go again.

Digital Scrapbooking?

Who knew? A friend just suggested that I give digital scrapbooking a try after I commented on feeling bad that I have boxes and boxes of photos that I've never done anything with.

Well, Nittinfool has come to the rescue. She's giving away digitial scrapbooking software! It looks so cool! Go over to her blog to enter.

Tell her I sent you!