Monday, August 15, 2011

Canadian Adventure!

We're home - didn't know I was gone did you? We spent a week on the Montreal River. Remote area. Drove 10 miles down a dirt road, picked up by pontoon boat with all our gear and hauled over to the lodge. I only saw our group for the week. No one else was on this area of the river. Not even when they took us 27 miles up river to an even remoter (is that a word?) cabin. No electric, no running water - out house! Not to mention bears! We didn't see any, but had to take bear precautions while there and at the lodge.

Every day was spent taking the boats to a hiking destination. We hiked some pretty incredible 'mountains' and back into the woods to amazing waterfalls! My kids were in heaven. Most kids around here want to go to Disney - my kids want to hit the woods!

We hiked to the very top of this 'mountain'.

Pretty steep going up.
View from the top!

I hope to post the rest of our trip in a series this week. Hope you'll come back for more!