Thursday, October 4, 2012


My husband takes our daughters on a semi-annual Daddy/Daughter camping trip.  They've been going for 8 or 9 years now.  It started as out with one family who started getting together at a camp in Michigan as a way for cousins to get to know each other and has now expanded to add friends & their kids.  Last count was approximately 20 or so Dads and over 40 kids.  They do all the cooking, cleanup and everyone watches out for each others kids.  Kids range in age from 3 - 20somethings!  College kids still come out with their Dad's to camp.  (How cool is that?) 

The kids spend their time swimming, fishing, kayaking, frog catching, sitting around the campfire and more!  It is a great way for kids to spend their time!  My husband is the official "fish fillet-er" and apparently it's become a show for the kids.  They all rush into the kitchen to watch him fillet the fish and fry them up.  Kids who have never tasted fish before are excited to try it at camp. 

Anyway!  My post is entitled "Hiking".  My kids ask what I do when they're not around for the weekend.  I joke and say "absolutely nothing!"  I don't have to cook for anyone, drive someone somewhere or look for lost socks or shoes. 

This last time my Mom and I decided to go hiking.  We chose a place near my home that I haven't been to in awhile.  We went to the Chicago Portage National Historic Site.  (So close I could probably ride my bike there!)    What's so important about the Chicago Portage Site? 
Chicago owes its very existence as a city to the location of the Chicago Portage. Long
used by Native Americans, the portage was revealed to French explorers Pere Jacques
Marquette and Louis Jolliet in 1673. It provided an easy connection between the Atlantic
and the Gulf of Mexico by linking Lake Michigan with the Mississippi River. Jolliet
suggested then a that a short canal cut through the portage area would create a
vital transportation and trade connection.
It's also a very beautiful area.  Once you get back in the woods you don't even realize that you're right next to I55 and Harlem Avenue.  (Very, very busy area here in Chicago).  Very peaceful and if you're quiet you'll see some critters!

I love that there is history in this place.  To walk where Jolliet and Marquette walked once just amazes me.  Touching history.  Not to mention the beauty of the place.  I love to hike, especially with my Mother.  We really enjoyed ourselves while walking.  Talking about plants, animals, flowers, life and what's happening in our lives. 

Get out and explore your area!  You never know what treasures you'll find.

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