Wednesday, July 6, 2011

We don't camp well with others

Really, we don't. When we camp we like to hear the birds, frogs and other natural sounds. Not the sound of your rap music or the baseball game. We once camped with a camping club. One of the activities was movies projected onto a screen. In the evening. "So the kids can unwind." Hmm, no, not my kids. Even at 13 & 10, my girls weren't into this.

No radio, please. Unless we're expecting a storm, then I turn it on. No movies, no phones, no electronics. Period. Camping is to get away from all that. Not bring it with to pollute your weekend.

Another thorn in my side is campers that light up the campsite like they're landing planes. Acck! Yes, you guessed it, we like it dark.

I think the only people we can camp with is my parents. Big surprise, they're the ones that taught me all this.

You'll find us fishing, singing around the campfire, catching frogs, hiking or just listening to the birds.


Would you camp well with us?

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Candy C. said...

I agree, camping is about getting away, not dragging all that "stuff" along!