Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lincoln Park Adventures

So, we hit Lincoln Park Zoo & Conservatory the other day. One of the few days this week it hasn't been horribly hot & humid.

I now have to share my camera with my 2 daughters - 13 & 10. (note to self - better cameras for them for Christmas)

Visitors to the zoo - no, that's not me. :o) The Miss America contestants were parading around the zoo, as were the Teen Miss America. Not zoo attire what-so-ever. Heels, dresses and lots of makeup? That's not how we do the zoo!

Parting shot - a bear. We're headed up to Canada in a few weeks. Bear country. We'll be staying on an island, the only way across is by boat. Extreme camping. Hope we don't see any of this guys family up close.

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Kristina said...

How fun! Glad you got another trip in before school starts.