Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Essential item....

I have to admit that we're more of "glampers" now. Glamorous camping. No longer do we haul the tent out and sleep on the ground. (Secretly, I was never as happy when my hubby declared he could no longer sleep on the hard ground due to his back pain.)

We had a pop up that was gifted to us by our Pastor. It did it's job well. It was bare bones kind of camping. It did get us up off the ground. But I had to sleep with my youngest child - since hubby took up the entire bed sleeping on an angle because he was too tall for the bed.

One day my husband came home and announced he had bought us a new pop-up camper. Hooray!
2 queen size beds, 1 double. The biggest news - it had a potty! Camping with 3 women, you need a potty. It has all the comforts of home, minus the dish washer. That would be me. We still cook everything outside, even wash dishes out there. But sleep on nice comfy beds. A night I really appreciate having the potty. :o)

It has heat and a/c. See, I told you we were glampers! I'm so spoiled. It's nice when we travel to a state park and there are noisy neighbors (see my other post about not camping well with others and you'll understand). We've used the a/c fan to drown out their music and/or partying.

We're headed out to a remote spot in the next few weeks. No electricity. Only a porta-potty out in the field. No other camper around for at least a mile. Nice and quiet. But no electricity. Which means no coffee pot. Boo hiss! My husband loves to make cowboy coffee over the fire. Which is fine, except it becomes crunchy coffee with all the grounds in it. I may have to borrow this from my parents: Debating.... I don't want to be too spoiled.

How do you make coffee while camping? Is it a necessity?

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Kristina said...

You can buy a campfire coffee pot with perculation. You just fill it with water, put a filter in the top and fill with coffee. Set it over the fire and wa-la, good coffee.